Northeast Ohio Beekeeping Calendar

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Catch up on reading
Check for activity on warm winter days, remove dead
Get equipment ready
Check food reserves
Feed if low on capped honey
Check for eggs and queen
Reverse hive bodies and clean bottom board
Install new bees
First comprehensive inspection of season
Check for capped brood and brood pattern
Feed a pollen substitute
Look for swarm cells
Add and check honey supers
Harvest honey
Check ventilation
Medicate for nosema
Check for small hive beetle and put traps in
Treat tracheal mites with grease patty or menthol
Test for varroa mites treat with powdered sugar,drone comb, or other
Prepare hives for winter
Add mouse guard
Check entrance for blockage
Order new bees
Split strong colonies
Repace old comb