Wasp Extermination in Cleveland, OH

“Wasp” is a general term for a group of tens of thousands of insects. Hornets and yellow jackets are types of wasp, but there are many, many more. All wasp species follow the same progression from egg to larva, then pupa and adult, with only a single mated female surviving winter and beginning a new colony in the spring. Fun fact: only infertile female wasps can sting. They also build and defend the nest and feed larvae.

Wasps are smaller than hornets with yellow and black markings and are sometimes mistaken for bees. Wasps are generally omnivores, and so they are a gardener’s best friend because they serve as both pollinators and pest control. That said, they tend to hang out where we live, building either paper or mud wasps on our homes or other structures. But evasive as they may be, a skilled wasp exterminator can find and eradicate these insects from your Cleveland property.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

  • Excessive wasp activity around the home and landscape
  • Visible paper or mud nests
  • Insects coming and going to one location, sometimes in the ground
  • Insects noticeably harvesting soft or rotting wood
  • Seeing several wasps inside your home
  • Small piles of dead insects
  • Unusually aggressive behavior

What You Can Do

  • Remove potential attractants, like fallen fruit or rotting food waste
  • Keep garbage containers tightly closed
  • Seal potential points of entry
  • Remove or replace weathered or rotting wood
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and thinned to prevent nest building
  • Tidy up the vegetable and flower garden

DIY wasp deterrent or lethal sprays and solutions are commonly promoted online, made using everyday household items like dish soap, vinegar, and essential oils. You’ll also find plenty of pesticides commercially available in every box store. Some even claim that hanging fake wasp nests as decoys will repel these insects. We wouldn’t recommend any of these popular options. Without proper knowledge, experience, equipment and protection, a DIY solution that’s touted as being harmless and simple could end up being very dangerous, especially if you have an unknown allergy–any wasps that are not killed or repelled will come looking for you. Wasps tend to build nests in high or difficult-to-access spots, such as eaves and rooflines, and so physical removal is also extremely risky. Besides, as long as the queen wasp is around, you’ll always have a population nearby.

When all else fails, and before you get too invested or accidentally cause injury or damage, call on a local and trusted wasp exterminator in Cleveland, Ohio. The experts at Cleveland Bee Removal have what it takes to help you address the issue once and for all.

How To Get Rid of a Wasp Infestation

Your property has everything a wasp could want or need. They’re part of the world we live in and it’s not really possible to escape them–they’re in cities and rural properties alike. Just like rodents, hornets, ants, and bees, wasps will stick around if they’re finding what they need. In the meantime, they could end up becoming a major nuisance for you and your family during the most enjoyable parts of the year.

As professional exterminators, we’ve seen a wasp or two–we understand a wasp colony’s behavior. We can efficiently identify the pests, locate their nests and points of entry and then either remove them or treat them with the appropriate pesticides. If you’ve tried everything you can and you’re still dealing with aggressive wasps, there’s no need to try and handle it on your own. Give us a call today to hear directly from our licensed wasp exterminators in Cleveland, Ohio.

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