Bee Control & Relocation Services in Cleveland, OH

Swarming bees can cause understandable concern, especially if you have small children and pets nearby. If bees have invaded your commercial space, they may pose a threat to clients, vendors and employees. At Cleveland Bee Removal, we understand bee behavior and can act quickly and efficiently to remedy the situation. 

What Is Honey Bee Relocation?

If bees do get into your home’s attic or are living between levels, such as in a floor or ceiling, our bee relocation experts can extract them in the most minimally invasive way possible. Honey bees are kept alive thanks to our ethical bee removal techniques. They are safely relocated to ready hives to allow them to keep on pollinating trees and plants and contributing to the local ecosystem.

Honey bees, like humans and countless other creatures, like to have a safe, warm, dry place to live. While in nature honey bees may find a hollow tree trunk, rock cavity, or another protective site to live in, our homes and other manmade structures are also very appealing. We always encourage clients to seal up any openings or gaps they find on their home’s exterior, because insects are resourceful and they will find a way in if it exists.

Honey Bee Relocation or Extermination?

When provoked, honey bees are known to defend themselves with a sharp sting that is almost always fatal to the bee. This is a common behavior in social bees who have a nest and brood to protect. For this reason, many people may look at honey bees as pests and be tempted to take the matter into their own hands or to call an exterminator. This is especially the case when a swarm is encountered. We would advise against both of these options and encourage property owners to seek out bee relocation services instead. 

Even if you are successful at killing the honey bees that have invaded your home or other property, you may have more troubles ahead.

  • An abandoned hive or comb that is hidden in a structure can become a draw for future honey bees. Poisons can dissipate, but the wax and honey can remain for years, acting as a magnet. Calling the exterminator could then become a yearly chore, as this year’s swarm relocates in last year’s hive.
  • Tens of thousands of dead bees can weigh hundreds of pounds. That amount of decaying insects can create an overwhelming odor and the natural byproducts of decomposition can lead to structural damage. If honey is left behind, it can also eventually ferment, leading to off odors and structural decay.

On top of the potential problems you could encounter if a hive is simply killed in place, it is worth noting that a significant amount of domestic agriculture has become dependent on honey bee pollination. Honey bees are a valued, domesticated species that are farmed and used at key times during the growing season to ensure that the nation can produce crops for use both domestically and internationally.

What To Know About a Honey Bee Swarm Before You Call Us

Honey bee swarms are common in late spring and early summer, between the months of May and June. Whether from natural weather patterns and food availability or prompted by a queen herself, a hive can split, with thousands of honey bees looking for a new home.

You can, of course, call Cleveland Bee Removal whenever you become aware of honey bees that need to be removed, whether they are living inside your home’s structure or they have formed a swarm outdoors. That being said, it is always helpful for us to have a comprehensive idea of what to expect so that we are prepared with any necessary tools for bee relocation.

Here are some things to do before you contact us

  • Ensure that the insects are honey bees, not wasps or hornets.
  • Measure how high the swarm is from the ground.
  • Make note of what the swarm is attached to.
  • Pay attention to the size of the honey bee swarm.
  • Keep track of how long you have seen the swarm.
  • Determine whether the swarm is easily accessed.
  • Take a picture or video of the honey bee swarm and hive if it is safe to do so.

With all this valuable information at the ready, it’s time to call a professional. Cleveland Bee Removal is owned and operated by an experienced Cleveland beekeeper who is prepared to handle your bee relocation needs.

If the honey bees are inside your home or within a structure, be aware that it may require some construction work to safely and thoroughly remove them. At Cleveland Bee Removal we are able to remove material so that we can extract the bee colony, but we are not contractors. We will work as delicately as possible, but repairing any structural components, walls or ceilings is best done by a contractor you know and trust.

Comprehensive Insect Control Solutions

Cleveland Bee Removal is one of the leading bee control services throughout Greater Cleveland. Our company was founded by a professional beekeeper who focuses on live bee removal and relocation from walls, roofs, floors, outdoor structures and more. Our staff is highly trained and properly equipped to safely remove stinging insects from your home or business in a prompt and professional manner.

When you hire us, we'll thoroughly inspect the area for honey bee swarms or nests to identify the extent of your bee problem. From there, we'll develop a plan to quickly remove the bees and make your property safe once again. We have preventative service plans available upon request to redirect honey bees away from your home and prevent an infestation from reoccurring.

If you notice a swarm of honey bees around your property or see bees entering and exiting a building via a hole or other small opening, it's time to call in a professional for assistance. Contact us today for the highly responsive and thorough bee control service you deserve.