Ant Extermination in Cleveland, OH

Ants aren’t solitary creatures – if you see one or two, you can bet that there are plenty more behind the scenes. If there are more than the usual amount of ants outside, they’re likely coming inside too. 

Black ants gather near a baseboard in a home

Signs of an Ant Infestation In Your House

  • Seeing even a few ants inside (the “scouts”)
  • Ant trails inside and/or on your home’s exterior
  • Small piles made of tiny particles of plastic, wood, etc.

What You Can Do

  • Eliminate scout ants
  • Close potential entry points, like cracks or broken seals
  • Keep your property tidy, inside and out 
  • Use ant bait gel

Maybe you’ve already tried several DIY methods and the ants just won’t leave. Homemade sprays and concoctions may get rid of a few ants, but this method won’t eliminate the queen – as long as she’s there, the colony will keep invading your home. There’s no need to keep unwanted house guests. It might be time to call in an ant extermination expert from Cleveland Bee Removal to address the issue.

How To Get Rid of an Ant Infestation

Your home has everything a wild creature could want: a safe and comfortable environment, few predators, and easy access to water and food. Like rodents, wasps, hornets, bees, and roaches, ants will stick around if they’re finding what they need in your home. And they could end up causing damage that results in costly repairs. 

As professional exterminators, we understand an ant colony’s behavior, so we can efficiently locate their nests and find their points of entry. We don’t expect homeowners to know the tricks of our trade – that’s why you call us in! If you’ve tried everything you can and you’re feeling defeated in the face of invading ants, there’s no need to try and handle it on your own. Give us a call today to hear directly from our ant exterminators in Cleveland, Ohio!

Contact Cleveland Bee Removal for All of Your Pest Control Needs

Everyone specializes in something–we know how to get rid of pests. When it comes to thoroughly removing ants or other pests from your home, it isn’t a once-and-done situation. Regular, repeated treatments are needed to get rid of an ant infestation and keep them at bay. 

When you work with Cleveland Bee Removal, you can expect:

  • Specialized knowledge
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Quick response times
  • Thorough work

Our ant exterminators at Cleveland Bee Removal are dedicated to client satisfaction, and we're committed to your needs. We know how upsetting and frustrating a pest infestation can be! Our thorough inspections allow us to quickly identify nests and entry points, evaluate potential problem areas, and efficiently eradicate your current ant problem. Contact us today to learn more and request your free estimate.