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Our pest control technicians at Cleveland Bee Removal are well-known in the Cleveland area for providing prompt, professional, affordable, and effective pest control services. But don't take our word for it - check out some of our 5-star customer reviews below!

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    Thank you Rick and Cleveland Bee Removal. They talked me through the bee extermination and answered all my questions! Appreciate the quick turnaround and easy payment options. Great work, highly recommend.

    - Ashley Taseff
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    We had a lower priority yellow jacket nest in our back yard. They were here the next day and the yellow jackets were taken care of in 10 minutes! They scanned the property for any other issues and said they’d come back right away if they missed any. Excellent service, would definitely recommend.

    - Bethany Bishop
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    Very reasonable pricing and quick service. Took care of a nest in a second story window and did a preventative spray around the property. Have not had any issues.

    - Bee Dee
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    Quick and effective! I had the preventative spray completed, and can already see noticeable results in the activity around my house. Rick and team were very knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to answer all my questions. 100% recommend.

    - Katie G.
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Rick and Dave were very professional and informative. They helped us keep our chimney from getting colonized by honeybees. We are very grateful!

    - Erika Oblak
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Very professional people. I called about 1 hive. They checked the whole house and found another.

    - M. Gonzales
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Very quick response. Came out when said they would and completed job. Very professional. Would use again and recommend to anyone needing help.

    - Mike Felder
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    There is a reason they have all 5 star reviews. They came out the same day. They did an excellent job explaining things and making sure all possible entry and exit points for bees were sprayed. They were very professional and also had the lowest price. Awesome company and service!

    - Mike Z.
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Very quick response, rep/owner was kind, helpful, and explained things without making me feel like I was 5. Remedy worked and wasp problem is gone. Fair price as well.

    - Joshua Y.
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    These guys are great! We could not ask for better service. The job was completed quickly, there was no mess and Rick was super nice.

    - AJ McCabe
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Fast service, came within an hour. Rick was polite, knowledgeable, removed small bee nest and sprayed another developing nest. All good so far!

    - James Miner
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Again another great job by these guys! They are absolutely the best. Called last night they were here this morning bees removed. Thanks again!

    - Cory Ianni
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Called Cleveland Bee Removal for a yellow jacket nest above the porch and they were here in less than 30 minutes! While here they helped me understand what things I can do for preventative maintenance. Next week when I had found another nest they were out the next day taking care of the problem. Can not praise their professionalism and effectiveness enough!

    - Tate Deskins
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Eliminated the issues with bees coming in through my chimney in less than 30 minutes. Bees created a nest at the top of the chimney and the guys poisoned the nest so the bees would move on to a new location. Great price, great work!

    - Lee Cureton
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    Cleveland Bee Removal provided excellent service. Rick and Dave were very prompt, personable, and got the job done! I liked the fact that every time I called I was able to speak to a live person and did not have to push a bunch of buttons only to get to an answering service, and then wait a day or so for someone to call me back. I definitely plan on using them again. Thank you again Rick and Dave for excellent service!

    - Sylvia Sims
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    This summer, it seemed like almost overnight we had a problem with yellow jackets finding a way into our kitchen, and store bought sprays were not working. Rick was out the within 24 hours after we called, and he quickly found the entry point and treated the nest. Rick told us exactly what to expect and how long it would take until they were all gone. He was right on the money. He also told us the best way to seal the opening to keep them from returning. I highly recommend Cleveland Bee Removal.

    - Michael Pellegrino
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    What an amazing company. Ran into a bees nest when I went to feed my chickens. Thing was the size of a basketball. I needed to leave town for work and they were here in an instant. Took care of the nest and made sure not to spray where the chickens lived. They also sprayed any where there were even signs of pests and checked the perimeter of my house. Fairly priced, they guarantee their work and just as friendly and professional as could be. These are my guys from now on.

    - Philip Enneper
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Had a yellow jacket problem in our 2nd story roof line. Also a hornets nest the size of a bowling ball in an evergreen tree. Called Rick and they were there within 20 mins! Took care of the problem and explained in full detail the process. They are very knowledgeable… prompt… professional… etc. would HIGHLY recommend Cleveland Bee Removal for any exterminating issues.

    - Jason Kruse
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    In the contact us form I stated,” yellow jacket infestation. Allergic. Send help please” and did they ever help. Same day service. Quickly found the area with the nest and sprayed. They even came inside to look for potential other issues and told me how to remedy them from coming inside. 10/10

    - Matthew Daugherty
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Thank you for your immediate response 😊 24 hr. turnaround for Cleveland area. Guarantees their work. Very professional.
    I'm yellow jacket free!!!! Thank you guys so much!

    - Tracey Greene
  • Star Star Star Star Star

    Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and very quick. The price to deal with the yellow jacket hive in our wall was totally reasonable and they were able to come out same day.

    - Autumn Cox