Beekeeping Experts Are the Best People to Help Rid Your Home of Bees

April 17, 2017

Bee problems can be more than a nuisance; they can even be dangerous. The best way to remove bees, including honey bees, safely and quickly, is by hiring a bee removal specialist. That is where the experience of Cleveland Bee Removal Service can come into play.

Bees are very important creatures, and that is very well known. Research suggests that one out of three bites we take, we can thank bees for, due to their crop pollination. Without having those bees, the crop resources we have would be significantly smaller.

Despite them being important, they can still be a danger.

There isn’t anyone out there who likes being stung, and that’s not including the danger for people with allergies. Hives on your property can lead you and others in your family down a dangerous path, as the bees see you as a threat and want to protect their home.

Those with allergies need to take even bigger precautions. Even a single sting can cause significant concern for someone with an allergy. This is why relying on a bee removal specialist is so vital, as they can safely remove the bees without disturbing the benefit that bees are able to provide.

Bees Can Be Removed for Beekeeping

Exterminators vs. Beekeepers

Exterminators do not typically mind if the bees are displaced or killed, or not. However, beekeepers will remove the bees from your property, doing as much as they can to save each of the bees and the hive.

Avoids Harsh Chemicals

Beekeepers are not going to use insecticides or any other type of harsh chemical to eradicate the bees. Beekeepers use equipment specially designed for the bees, like a vac or a box that will collect the bees safely. Then, once the bees are gathered, they can be moved to an apiary and given a job. The bees will either help to pollinate a farm, or be used to help make honey.

Ways to Safely Remove Bees

An experienced beekeeper will know precisely how to safely deal with a bee infestation, ensuring effective, safe, and quick removal of the bees. They rely on their experience to help them find the nest, which is arguably the most important step in the removal of bees. Many people who notice bees on their property have no idea where to even look for the hive, even when faced with a consistent swarm of bees. Beekeeping experts are often able to locate the nest very quickly, allowing them to remove the source of the problem.

Bee Removal is Not a DIY Task

When you are already struggling with bees, you may think you can remove the bees yourself by destroying the nest, trapping the bees, or simply killing the bees. This is never a good idea. Unless you have training as a bee removal specialist with the right gear and tools, this job should be avoided. No matter what type of safety precautions you take, you will not be able to safely remove the bees. However, you will disturb the hive, and significantly increase everyone’s chances of getting stung.

Stay Away from the Hive

Before the bee removal specialist is able to remove the bee hive from your property, to remain safe, remain clear of the hive. Staying away from the hive is the best way to avoid getting stung. Don’t provoke the bees in any way, through means such as hosing the bees down or even swatting your hand at them. Don’t go by the nest until the experienced people from Cleveland Bee Removal Service are done with their job, and your property is once again, bee free.