Common Flying Insect Swarms During Spring

April 30, 2022

The warm weather in spring brings out many types of stinging, non-stinging, and wood-destroying flying insects. Common swarms are mason bees, wasps, and carpenter bees.

Mason bees burrow through stone

Mason Bees

You may see many small bees looking and going into any small hole. These would most likely be mason bees.  They are native pollinators and are beneficial to our environment. They are only around in the spring for a short period of time and then disappear until next spring. They don't sting and will not cause any damage. So it's best to leave them "bee."

Wasps gather near their nest


You may also notice wasps ducking in and out of places. They are looking for a new summer home typically behind shutters, behind siding, in corners of doors and windows, in soffits, in deck boxes, in grills, patio umbrellas, and deck railings. To prevent them from taking up residence, it's best to have the areas sprayed.

A carpenter bee burrows through wood

Carpenter Bees

Then there are the carpenter bees digging holes in your fascia boards, fence posts, deck and porch railing and siding of your house. You will notice how aggressive they seem when they fly in your face or are chasing each other around. Don't be afraid though. The ones you are seeing are the males defending their territory. They DON'T sting because they have no stinger.

What you should be concerned about is the damage the female carpenter bee is doing to your wood structure. She is chewing holes and making a tunnel in the wood to raise her young.  These holes should be treated to stop her from damaging any more wood.

Cleveland Bee Removal Can Help

You can call Cleveland Bee Removal for an estimate to control these pests on your property. We'll identify what type of bee they are and stop the harmful ones to give your family peace of mind so you can enjoy your summer safely. Contact us today for a free quote!