Ways to Help Get Rid of Mice in an Apartment

July 19, 2019

Some individuals are not bothered or afraid of mice and, under certain circumstances, some even think of them as cute. Nevertheless, if one of these rodents scurry across your path inside of your home, you may not feel this way. Mice can contaminate food preparation surfaces and food itself, and can also cause potential health problems. If you reside in multi-unit housing, you may be trying to determine how to get rid of mice in your own apartment. You may also be wondering if a mouse infestation in the multi-unit housing is your or the landlord's responsibility.

The main point is that nobody should have to live with pests such as these. Mice in an apartment can be distressing for apartment managers since they must eliminate unwanted pests, minimize the use of chemicals, and not inconvenience tenants. However, the faster apartment managers deal with a mouse infestation in an apartment, the less likely they will have to tackle potentially larger issues later. This would be issues like interior and exterior damage, poor property appearance, and potential health issues.  After making your landlord aware of a potential rodent issue, you will likely start to look for information about how to get rid of mice. When residing in an apartment, what not to do is often where you start.

Potential Dangers of Pesticides

When looking to eliminate rodents, the first method most individuals consider is pesticide. However, pesticides can be toxic to both people and pets when improperly used. All those who handle pesticides should have an in-depth knowledge of proper usage, including methods for safe and targeted applications and when and where to administer. To rid an apartment of mice, it is best to leave any usage of pesticides to a professional exterminator.

In the event your apartment manager tries to personally apply pesticides, such as over the counter (OTC) aerosol sprays and foggers, it is important to be advised of laws in your area. For example, California requires apartment-complex employees and landlords to alert their tenant in writing as to what pests they will be targeting as well as the name of the product they will be using.

Try a Mouse Trap

One of the best ways to try to catch a mouse in an apartment outside of professional pest control technicians is with a traditional mouse trap. The old-fashioned wood snap trap may be the only thing that you need. You can use common household foods such as bacon, peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal, or dried fruit to bait the rodent. To ensure that the mice do not get away with the goodies, tie the trigger to the bait.

A glue trap is another option. These kinds of traps don't require bait. Glue traps are placed in areas that are known for rodent activity. With these kinds of traps, to get rid of a mouse in a multi-housing unit is as easy as a mouse walking over the trap. The downfall of these traps is that they do not kill the mice and you will need to properly dispose of any that are trapped.

Prior to attempting either one of these methods yourself, contact your apartment manager or landlord to make them aware of your intended action. They might offer to provide and set up the traps. If not, perhaps they will offer to remove the rodents from your apartment.

Reduce Your Chances of Mice in Your Apartment

Consider what you can do to prevent mice from entering your home before you have to deal with getting rid of the pests from your apartment. To help reduce your chances of having a surprise visit from one of these unwanted rodents, consider the following suggestions:

  • Keep your apartment clean. Wipe down counters, sweep up crumbs, and do not leave any dirty dishes in the kitchen sink if possible.
  • Any opening in walls is sure to close. Search your apartment to find holes close to pipes and fill by using steel wool since rodents are unable to chew through this material.
  • Always keep garbage cans covered. Do not make it easy for rodents in an apartment to dig for recently disposed items.
  • Use door sweeps and window screens. Mice will attempt to get into your apartment any way they can find. An easy way to keep these pests out is by sealing potential entry points such as cracks around windows and beneath your doors.

If you have recently seen a mouse in your apartment but do not want to take rodent control into your own hands, contact Cleveland bee Removal today. Our professional exterminators will help eliminate the rodents and create a customized solution to help in the prevention of them returning.