Why People Are Turning to Beekeeping to Calm Anxiety

Person in a field of flowers tending to beehives.
April 29, 2021

Life’s responsibilities and setbacks can really dampen spirits at times. There’s so much time spent doing what we need or have to do, that sometimes we don’t leave enough time for practices or routines that can help us to recover and recharge. This past year many people have come to nature in deep and meaningful ways, seeking out healing and a lost sense of connection.

Here at Cleveland Bee Removal, we love and support that trend. Through our experience we’ve found that there are so many reasons why someone might take up beekeeping, but the results tend to be universal – a reduction in stress and anxiety and a greater connection to the natural world.

Why Does Beekeeping Help With Anxiety?

Everyone who has kept bees will answer this question differently, but Rick of Cleveland Bee Removal says that “beekeeping keeps me in tune with the changing seasons and weather.” He adds, “During the cold days of February I know spring is just around the corner. We usually have a warm day during the month where I can lift the cover to see how the bees are doing.”

This connection to nature and its changing cycles is arguably something that, on the whole, our modern culture has lost. We don’t depend on the seasons as our ancestors did, and without that reliance we can lose track of the fascinating things going on all around us. But paying attention to natural cycles is one way to get out of our mind and into something bigger.

One aspect of beekeeping that can help to keep you grounded is the overlapping of various natural cycles. Rick of Cleveland Bee Removal expounds:

“During the spring I watch to see the pollen they are bringing in on their legs and can tell if they are busy raising a brood. I know when I see drones swarm that the season is about to start and inspections need to be thoroughly done… I harvest honey in late June just after they have been busy making it from spring flowers… In August and through the frost they collect late blooming flower nectar for a darker fall honey. I know the season is coming to the end when I see drones being kicked out for the winter.”

The ability to slow down and be in the moment, focusing, not on to-do lists or stressful life events, but instead strictly on the bees, is a form of therapy unto itself. More scientific study needs to be done, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that being an apiarist and practicing beekeeping go far to reduce stress levels and help with anxiety. Rick of Cleveland Bee Removal says: “I could sit next to a hive and just watch them come and go for hours if I had the time. That's what I find relaxing about them, just watching them.”

Learn More About Beekeeping

Any apiarist will agree with Rick. In fact some cultures even use the steady hum of honeybees’ buzz as a form of treatment. These marvelous creatures go about their business, and we get to benefit from their industriousness in so many ways. From sweet, local honey that could help with seasonal allergies, to a tangible connection with the natural world and an appreciation for bees’ pivotal role in food production, there are so many practical and soul-feeding reasons to look into beekeeping. We’d love to see more folks consider apiculture as a serious option for a calming, relaxing hobby.

man tending to beehives

How To Get Started Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a rewarding practice, whether you live in the city or a rural area, and it doesn’t require much space. You might worry about not having a spacious garden to provide ample nectar and pollen, but you shouldn’t – those bees are smart! They’re all around us already, and they know where their favorite food sources are.

But like everything that can become a hobby or passion, the possible options for equipment, supplies, and resources are endless. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the swarm of information out there, and it can be hard to distinguish between truth and lore. Rick of Cleveland Bee Removal has learned much from his years of beekeeping and he readily offers tips and suggestions, even sharing his top picks for beekeeping products.

Rick's Recommended Equipment

Whether you are brand new to beekeeping or are an experienced apiarist, Cleveland Bee Removal wishes you all the best in your endeavors. We’ve found an undeniable source of calm and mental clarity in our practice and would love to see more people reap the benefits of beekeeping. Here’s to you, and to the bees!