Why Pest Control is Necessary

December 8, 2020

Unwanted animal guests can quickly wreak havoc on a building and its residents. Complicating matters is that many types of pest infestations can remain undetected or underestimated until the problem has grown severe. Many pests can easily hide out of humans’ sight, such as behind walls or in burrows in the vegetation surrounding the house. Building owners and residents should never attempt to remove or exterminate dangerous pests such as wasps or venomous spiders. And building owners and residents should take note when over-the-counter products fail to address more common infestations such as ants and flies. Cleveland Bee Removal has experience with removing several types of pests from buildings and educating building owners on how to prevent future infestations.

Spiders and Insects

Though many scientists and biologists consider spiders beneficial, the presence of spiders in a building can be a sign of serious problems. Spiders settle in areas with plenty of food – which includes a variety of insects and similar pests. Termites can cause serious damage to wood and other building materials. Flies and mosquitoes are vectors for disease. Spiders themselves can be a direct threat when their venom – such as the venom of black widow spiders – can sicken or kill humans. And the waste and corpses of spiders, insects, and bugs can cause or amplify illnesses in the human residents.


Bees typically sting when they are threatened or startled. However, this becomes more likely when bees build a nest on your building. In addition to the threat from the bees, the nest will attract other pests that want to eat the bees’ honey – or the bees themselves.


Like spiders, hornets feed on insects, many of which are threats to humans and their homes. However, hornets are far more aggressive and deadly than spiders, so a hornets’ nest on your building is a severe risk. Leaving a hornets’ nest untreated, or – worse – attempting a do-it-yourself removal, can have deadly consequences.


Wasps are similar to hornets regarding their aggression. However, wasps place their nests in locations that are more difficult for humans to locate and reach. And wasps can sting their victims multiple times, making a swarm of wasps a lethal threat to most animals, including humans.


Rodents can cause severe damage to a building’s structure by clawing or gnawing their way through walls and pipes. Rodents also carry fleas and other pests that can irritate or sicken humans. And, like insects, rodents can transmit a variety of illnesses such as salmonella and bubonic plague.

Cleveland Bee Removal stands ready to perform pest control services for building owners in Cleveland, Ohio. We are open six days a week (closed Sundays), and we provide free consultations. Our services include measures to dramatically reduce the possibility of infestations in the future. We also provide advice and sell tools and bee colonies for those interested in beekeeping. To learn more about our wide variety of services, please feel free to contact us by phone at 216-282-5468, via email at info@clevelandbeeremoval.com, or by filling out the contact form on our website.